What Is A Molecule Class 9th

What is a molecule class 9th?

When two or more atoms combine together, chemically, we get a molecule. The atoms can be of same element or different elements.

What is a molecule in simple definition?

A molecule is two or more atoms connected by chemical bonds, which form the smallest unit of a substance that retains the composition and properties of that substance.

What is element class 9?

Element is a pure substance made up of only one kind of atom which can’t be split up into two or more substance. compound is a pure substance made up of two or more substance combined in fixed proportion by mass.

What is compound class 9?

What is a Compound? When two or more elements chemically combine in a fixed ratio by mass, the obtained product is known as a compound. Compounds can be defined as substances consisting of 2 or more different types of elements in a fixed ratio of their atoms.

What is a molecule Class 9 very short answer?

A molecule is the smallest thing a substance can be divided into while remaining the same substance. It is made up of two or more atoms that are bound together by chemical bonding.

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What is molecule class 9 chapter 3?

Answer: The smallest particle of matter, which can take part in a chemical reaction is called atom. Question 5. Define molecule. Answer: The smallest particle of an element or compound which can exist independently is called molecule.

What is molecules with example?

A group of atoms that combine together and form a single entity. Ex- H 2 O where 2 atom of H and 1 of oxygen forms a molecule of water.

What is a molecule for kids?

A molecule is two or more atoms joined (or “bonded”) tightly together. The number and kinds of atoms in a molecule, and the way they are arranged, determine what substance it makes. For example, a molecule made of two oxygen atoms joined to one carbon atom forms carbon dioxide, a colorless gas.

Why is it a molecule?

Whether something is a molecule or not depends on the type of bond that is formed when its atoms join together. In general, electrons can be shared between atoms (a molecular bond) or electrons can be completely removed from one atom and given to another (an ionic bond). Molecules have molecular bonds.

What is ions Class 9?

Ion :- It is an electrically charged atom or molecule formed by loss or gain of electrons. Ion formed by loss of electron is called cation. Example:- Magnesium ion ⟶Mg2+ Ion formed by gain of electron is called anion.

What is homogeneous class 9?

A mixture is said to be homogeneous if its constituents are uniformly mixed and it has the same properties throughout. The constituents of a homogeneous mixture cannot be easily separated. For example, the air is a homogeneous mixture of different gases.

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What is atomic mass class 9?

What is Atomic Mass? Atomic mass can be defined as the total mass of one atom of any given element. The unit of atomic mass is called the unified atomic mass unit (denoted by ‘u’). Most of the atomic mass of a substance is made up of protons and neutrons. Therefore, it is almost equal to its mass number.

What is atom Class 9 notes?

According to Dalton, an atom may be defined as the simplest particle of a matter that takes part in chemical reactions. However, modern researches have conclusively proved that atom is no longer on indivisible particle, it has been broken into smaller fragments like electrons, proton and neutrons.

What is molecules for Class 4?

Answer: Molecule, a group of two or more atoms that form the smallest identifiable unit into which a pure substance can be divided and still retain the composition and chemical properties of that substance.

What is a molecule in biology?

A molecule is the smallest unit of matter that has distinctive chemical and physical properties. A molecule owns a definite size and mass. Two or more atoms (same or different) held together by a chemical bond form a molecule wherein the ratio of two atoms is fixed in an element.