Did They Ever Solve String Theory

Did they ever solve string theory?

Has string theory been proven? No experiment has definitively proven string theory to be the fundamental theory of nature. However, the ideas of string theory have passed countless theoretical and mathematical tests over the last fifty years. Fundamental physics is a long-game.

Has anything replaced string theory?

Bosonic string theory was eventually superseded by theories called superstring theories. These theories describe both bosons and fermions, and they incorporate a theoretical idea called supersymmetry.

What is the flaw of string theory?

Still, string theory may not describe (or explain) any aspect of reality. More specifically, it may not describe such things as extra dimensions, branes, the multiverse and even strings simply because such things don’t exist in reality.

Is string theory mathematically proved?

Although the theory is not yet complete, modern research efforts in string theory have greatly advanced the current state of understanding in major related fields of study including algebraic geometry, black hole physics, cosmology, and condensed matter physics.

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Why can’t we prove string theory?

The strings are so small, in fact, that they appear to us to be point-like particles, such as electrons and photons and neutrons. We simply can’t ever stare at a string directly. Related to that smallness is the energy scale needed to probe the regimes where string theory actually matters.

Why isn t string theory accepted?

One of your main critiques of String Theory has been that it doesn’t make predictions that can be tested. Does this invalidate it as a scientific theory in your mind? If it isn’t science, what is it? There’s no simple answer to the question of what’s “science” and what isn’t.

What theory is better than string theory?

Although it hasn’t had the same media exposure, loop quantum gravity is so far the only real rival to string theory. The basic idea is that space is not continuous, as we usually think, but is instead broken up into tiny chunks 10-35 metres across.

Is there a better theory than string theory?

String Theory is the best studied of all the options, but Loop Quantum Gravity is a rising second, with the others being given serious consideration at long last. They say the answer’s always in the last place you look, and perhaps that’s motivation enough to start looking, seriously, in newer places.

What is opposite of string theory?

JB: Loop quantum gravity is an alternative to string theory, which in its earliest formulation says that particles are composed of one-dimensional lines or strings of energy. Different particles, in this theory, represent different vibrational patterns in these strings.

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What happens if string theory is true?

If string theory is true, our universe has extra dimensions that lie curled up at every point around us. For more than a decade, the American public has been fascinated with string theory. Science popularizers like Brian Greene produced hit TV documentaries that examined this mathematical construct.

What are the failed predictions of string theory?

Predictions and theoretical difficulties They suggested that one of the supposedly failed predictions of string theory—the existence of a particular massless particle that no experiment studying the strong force had ever encountered—was actually evidence of the very unification Einstein had anticipated.

Who invented string theory?

Gabriele Veneziano Italian theoretical physicist and string theorist. His 1968 dual resonance model of the strong interaction was the first string theory to be discovered, and thus he is regarded as a founder of the field.

Has M theory been proven?

M-theory is not complete, but the mathematics of the approach has been explored in great detail. However, so far no experimental support for the M-theory exists. Some physicists are skeptical that this approach will ever lead to a physical theory describing our real world, due to fundamental issues.

Has dark matter been proven?

In fact, researchers have been able to infer the existence of dark matter only from the gravitational effect it seems to have on visible matter. Dark matter seems to outweigh visible matter roughly six to one, making up about 27% of the universe.

What is the solution to string theory?

In string theory, a “solution” implies a vacuum of spacetime that is governed by Einstein’s theory of gravity coupled to a quantum field theory. Each solution describes a unique universe, with its own set of particles, fundamental forces and other such defining properties.

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Did Sheldon solve string theory?

Sheldon still has not forgotten the wonder and simplicity of string theory. He begins to describe it to Penny who tries to understand it. Sheldon and Penny solved string theory.