How far is Saturn from the Sun exactly?

How far is Saturn from the Sun exactly?

“Saturn is the sixth planet from our Sun (a star) and orbits at a distance of about 886 million miles (1.4 billion kilometers) from the Sun.”

Is Saturn hot or cold?

“Saturn is considerably colder than Jupiter being further from the Sun, with an average temperature of about -285 degrees F.”

Does it take 2 years to get to Saturn?

“In the past spacecraft have taken greatly different amounts of time to make it to Saturn. Pioneer 11 took six and a half years to arrive. Voyager 1 took three years and two months, Voyager 2 took four years, and the Cassini spacecraft took six years and nine months to arrive.”

How many human years would it take to get to Saturn?

“At its closest, Saturn is 1.2 billion kilometers away from Earth. So with today’s spacecraft technology, you’ll need about eight years to make the trip.”

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What is the hottest planet?

“Venus’ thick atmosphere traps heat creating a runaway greenhouse effect – making it the hottest planet in our solar system with surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead.”

What is the coldest planet?

“Neptune is an incredible three billion miles away from the Sun. However, the coldest planet is not Neptune, but Uranus – even though Uranus is a billion miles closer to the Sun than Neptune. Uranus holds the record for the coldest temperature ever measured in the Solar System: a very chilly -224℃.”

Does it rain on Saturn?

“On Saturn it occasionally rains diamonds.”

Which planet is blue green?

“Uranus gets its blue-green color from methane gas in the atmosphere. Sunlight passes through the atmosphere and is reflected back out by Uranus’ cloud tops. Methane gas absorbs the red portion of the light, resulting in a blue-green color.”

Is Saturn losing its rings?

“Saturn’s rings are disappearing. This won’t happen in our lifetime – scientists estimate the rings could vanish in fewer than 100 million years. The particles that make up the icy rings are losing a battle with the sun’s radiation and the gravity of Saturn.”

Can humans live on Uranus?

“Uranus’ environment is not conducive to life as we know it. The temperatures, pressures, and materials that characterize this planet are most likely too extreme and volatile for organisms to adapt to.”

Can we land on Jupiter?

“Surface. As a gas giant, Jupiter doesn’t have a true surface. The planet is mostly swirling gases and liquids. While a spacecraft would have nowhere to land on Jupiter, it wouldn’t be able to fly through unscathed either.”

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Can you land on Venus?

“Yes, several landers from the former Soviet Union have landed on Venus. They were only able to send us information for a short time because the extremely high temperature and pressure on the surface of Venus melted and crushed the landers.”

Can you land on Saturn’s rings?

“As a gas giant, Saturn doesn’t have a true surface. The planet is mostly swirling gases and liquids deeper down. While a spacecraft would have nowhere to land on Saturn, it wouldn’t be able to fly through unscathed either.”

Has anyone been to Jupiter?

“Mankind has been studying Jupiter for more than 400 years. But we’ve only been sending spacecraft there since the 1970s! Nine spacecraft have visited Jupiter since 1973, and they’ve discovered a lot about the planet.”

What if you fell into Saturn?

“Saturn’s atmosphere is very thick and its pressure increases the deeper you go. After a while, you would stop sinking and unfortunately be crushed by the high pressure deeper in Saturn’s atmosphere.”

Which is the brightest planet?

“Venus, which can be seen with the unaided eye fromEarth, is the brightest planet in our Solar System.”

What is the 2nd heaviest planet?

“Hence second biggest planet in the solar system is Saturn. Was this answer helpful?”

How cold is Mars?

“Temperatures on Mars average about -81 degrees F. However, temperatures range from around -220 degrees F. in the wintertime at the poles, to +70 degrees F. over the lower latitudes in the summer.”

Can a human survive on Saturn?

“Without a solid surface, Saturn isn’t likely a place we could ever live. But the gas giant does have numerous moons, some of which would make fascinating locations for space colonies, particularly Titan and Enceladus.”

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How far is Saturn from Earth exactly?

“How far is Saturn from Earth? Saturn orbits the Sun at a mean distance of 1,427,000,000 km (887 million miles). Its closest distance to Earth is about 1.2 billion km (746 million miles), and its phase angle—the angle that it makes with the Sun and Earth—never exceeds about 6°.”

What are 5 interesting facts about Saturn?

“Here are some fun facts about the Ringed Planet.”

  • Saturn is huge. …
  • You cannot stand on Saturn. …
  • Its beautiful rings are not solid. …
  • Some of these bits are as small as grains of sand. …
  • The rings are huge but thin. …
  • Other planets have rings. …
  • Saturn could float in water because it is mostly made of gas.

Why is Saturn so far away from the Sun?

“But, because Saturn’s orbit is elliptical, just like all the other planets, there are times when the gas giant is closer to the Sun and farther away from it. On the part of its orbit which brings it closer to the sun, Saturn is 839 million miles (1.35 billion km) away from our star.”