What An Elastic Substance Is Able To Do

What an elastic substance is able to do?

Solid objects will deform when adequate loads are applied to them; if the material is elastic, the object will return to its initial shape and size after removal.

What are the clues in a crossword puzzle?

Clue: A crossword clue is a hint that the solver must decipher to find the answer that is then entered into the puzzle grid. Clues are not necessarily dictionary definitions; they can involve puns, anagrams and other types of wordplay. Crossing: The intersection between an Across entry and a Down one.

What is a word for riddle crossword?

Some common synonyms of riddle are enigma, mystery, problem, and puzzle.

What is another word for enigma crossword?

Some common synonyms of enigma are mystery, problem, puzzle, and riddle. While all these words mean something which baffles or perplexes, enigma applies to utterance or behavior that is very difficult to interpret.

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What is called elastic?

elasticity, ability of a deformed material body to return to its original shape and size when the forces causing the deformation are removed. A body with this ability is said to behave (or respond) elastically. Hooke’s law.

What are three elastic objects?

  • The coil spring of a wind-up clock.
  • An archer’s stretched bow.
  • A bent diving board, just before a divers jump.
  • The twisted rubber band which powers a toy airplane.
  • A bouncy ball, compressed at the moment it bounces off a brick wall.

Can crosswords have 2 words?

However, many times the blank space can be filled in with two or more words. In easier crosswords, multiple words will be indicated with (2 words) or (2 wds.), but more often than not it will be up to the solver to determine how many words fill in the space.

What is left after a fire?

Ash is what’s left after something has been burned by a fire. You need to clean the ash out of a wood stove or fireplace every once in a while. After you burn wood in a fire pit or in a bonfire on the beach, there’s ash left behind.

Is there a trick to crossword puzzles?

Tackle the easiest clues first. Scan through the clues, and knock out all the easiest ones. Not only will this give your gameplay some structure, but also it’ll give you an ego boost! Typically, fill-in-the-blank clues are the easiest. For example: “___ of Oz.”

What is rebus in crossword puzzles?

Some of the harder puzzles — particularly Thursday and Sunday crosswords — have a surprise element called a rebus. This means you’ll enter your answer — which can be a word or a group of words — into a single square instead of across multiple squares.

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What are anagrams crosswords?

Anagram crosswords are similar to its classic counterpart, only you have to approach the clues in a very different way. Unlike traditional crossword clues, anagrams look to trick you by jumbling up seemingly nonsensical letters. But don’t be fooled! The answer you’re looking for lies somewhere within.

What type of puzzle is a crossword?

crossword puzzle, popular form of word puzzle. A crossword puzzle consists of a diagram, usually rectangular, divided into blank (white) and cancelled (black, shaded, or crosshatched) squares.

Does enigma mean puzzle?

1. : something hard to understand or explain. 2. : an inscrutable or mysterious person.

Is a puzzle an enigma?

Use the noun enigma to refer to something that is a puzzle or a mystery. Why do you have to learn difficult words like this? That is an enigma. Traveling to English from Greek by means of the Latin word for riddle, enigma refers to something or someone that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to figure out.

What type of puzzle is Enigma?

Enigma is another logical, picture-forming Conceptis puzzle. According to Conceptis, the puzzle was developed originally in Japan and first published by Byakuya Shobo under the name Number Net. There are colour and mono versions, although generally speaking, the mono versions make for better puzzles.

What substances are elastic?

Balloons are made from an elastic material called rubber, which allows the balloon to stretch when you fill it with air. Certain fabrics are manufactured to make them elastic too. Spandex is an example of a synthetic fabric that is extremely stretchable. It is used to make clothes for swimmers and cyclists.

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How do elastic objects respond to force?

When force is applied on elastic objects, such as rubber bands, its shape returns to its standard form after the force is released. That is the reason behind calling them elastic which refers to the flexibility of an object. The force applied can be compressible force or pulling force.

What things use elastic force?

  • Bungee Jumping.
  • Elastic Waistband.
  • Rubber Bands.
  • Resistance Band.
  • Spring Toys.
  • Spring Mattress.
  • Trampoline.
  • Bow.

Which of the following substance is elastic?

Thus, the steel possesses the highest elasticity among the given materials.