What Is A Microscope Short Answer

What is a microscope short answer?

Microscopes are instruments that are used in science laboratories, to visualize very minute objects such as cells, microorganisms, giving a contrasting image,that is magnified.

What is a simple microscope short note?

A simple microscope is a magnifying glass that has a double convex lens with a short focal length. Examples of this kind of instrument include the hand lens and reading lens. When an object is kept near the lens, then its principal focus with an image is produced, which is erect and bigger than the original object.

What is microscope for Class 1?

microscopes, also called light microscopes, work like magnifying glasses. They use lenses, which are curved pieces of glass or plastic that bend light. The object to be studied sits under a lens. As light passes from the object through the lens, the lens makes the object look bigger.

What is the simple form of microscope?

The simple microscope consists of a single lens traditionally called a loupe. The most familiar present-day example is a reading or magnifying glass. Present-day higher-magnification lenses are often made with two glass elements that produce a colour-corrected image.

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What is a microscope for kids?

Say: MY-kro-skope. A microscope is a very powerful magnifying glass. The entire world — our bodies included — are made up of billions of tiny living things that are so small you can’t see them with just your eyes. But with a microscope, it’s possible to examine the cells of your body or a drop of blood.

What is microscope class 11?

It is scientific equipment that magnifies very small objects that are not visible to the naked eyes. Furthermore, with the help of a microscope, we can see the various organism that we cannot see or study.

What is microscope class 12?

Microscope: It is an instrument which makes a big and clear image of small objects. Simple Microscope: Simple microscope is also known as Magnifying lens. It consist of convex lens of short focal length.

What is microscope for Class 10?

Microscope is a tool that produces enlarged images of small objects, allowing the observer to have an exceedingly close view of minute structures in a slide. It is primarily used for examination and analysis.

What is microscope definition and types?

A microscope is an instrument that makes an enlarged image of a small object, thus revealing details too small to be seen by the unaided eye. The most familiar kind of microscope is the optical microscope, which uses visible light focused through lenses.

What is microscope for Class 2?

A microscope is an instrument that can be used to observe small objects, even cells. The image of an object is magnified through at least one lens in the microscope. This lens bends light toward the eye and makes an object appear larger than it actually is.

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What is a microscope 7th grade definition?

The definition of a microscope is an optical instrument used for viewing very small objects. These small objects can be anything from cells and microscopic life to the molecular structure of objects.

Who is the father of microscope?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723): father of microscopy.

Why is it called a microscope?

Ancient Egyptians and Romans also used various curved lenses although no reference to a compound microscope has been found. The Greeks did, however, give us the word microscope. It comes from two Greek words, uikpos, small and okottew, view.