What Is An Electromagnetic Field Answer

What is an electromagnetic field answer?

Electromagnetic fields are a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force. They are generated by natural phenomena like the Earth’s magnetic field but also by human activities, mainly through the use of electricity.

What is the electromagnetic field called?

An electromagnetic field (also EM field or EMF) is a classical (i.e. non-quantum) field produced by moving electric charges.

What is electromagnetic field class 12?

An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction.

What is electromagnetic field in physics class 10?

An electromagnetic field is a physical field that occurs between electrically charged particles. It is one among the four fundamental forces of nature, the other includes strong interaction, weak interaction, and gravitation.

What is electromagnetic in short?

Electromagnetism is a branch of Physics, that deals with the electromagnetic force that occurs between electrically charged particles. The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental forces and exhibits electromagnetic fields such as magnetic fields, electric fields, and light.

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What is an electromagnetic field example?

Examples are the fields produced by kitchen appliances, radio transmitters and mobile phones. The information on this page is intended for people who are interested in the expertise and research activities of RIVM on possible health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields in daily life.

What has electromagnetic fields?

Over the course of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns, including power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, security devices, radars and most recently mobile phones and their base stations.

Where is electromagnetic?

Electromagnetic forces occur between any two charged particles, causing an attraction between particles with opposite charges and repulsion between particles with the same charge, while magnetism is an interaction that occurs exclusively between charged particles in relative motion.

Why is it called electromagnetic?

In other words, EM waves are composed of oscillating magnetic and electric fields. Description: Electromagnetic waves are formed when an electric field comes in contact with a magnetic field. They are hence known as ‘electromagnetic’ waves.

What is electric field or electromagnetic field?

Electric and magnetic fields are both components of an electromagnetic field. These two components occupy different planes relative to the cause of the electromagnetic field, for example a moving electrical charge. This, and whether the charge generating the field is stationary or in motion, are the only differences.

What is electromagnetic class 6?

Electromagnetism can be defined as a science of charge and of the forces and fields that are related to charge. Electricity and magnetism are 2 aspects of electromagnetism. Electromagnetism is a branch of physics that is about the electromagnetic force that is between electrically charged particles.

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What is electromagnetic field and electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiations are electromagnetic waves in the electromagnetic field. It is disturbance of the electromagnetic field propagated with the velocity of light. Electromagnetic field itself is a seat of energy. u=1/2(ϵ0E2+B2/μ0) Where u is the energy density of the em field.

What is the electromagnetic field Class 6?

The electromagnetic field is the combination of a magnetic field and an electric field. The electromagnetic field can be defined as light since it propagates at the speed of light. Maxwell’s law and Lorentz force law describe the way current and charges interact with the electromagnetic field.