What Is Molecule Simple Words

What is molecule simple words?

A molecule is two or more atoms connected by chemical bonds, which form the smallest unit of a substance that retains the composition and properties of that substance.

What is the definition of a molecule in words?

molecule. noun. mol·​e·​cule ˈmäl-i-ˌkyü(ə)l. : the smallest particle of a substance that retains all the properties of the substance and is composed of one or more atoms.

What do you mean by molecule answer?

(MAH-leh-kyool) The smallest particle of a substance that has all of the physical and chemical properties of that substance.

What are the types of molecule?

Molecules are of three types: Molecule of an atom, Molecule of an element and Molecule of a compound.

What is molecules with example?

A group of atoms that combine together and form a single entity. Ex- H 2 O where 2 atom of H and 1 of oxygen forms a molecule of water.

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What is a molecule definition for kids?

A molecule is two or more atoms joined (or “bonded”) tightly together. The number and kinds of atoms in a molecule, and the way they are arranged, determine what substance it makes. For example, a molecule made of two oxygen atoms joined to one carbon atom forms carbon dioxide, a colorless gas.

What is molecule in a sentence?

The planet was bathed in a broth of organic molecules. Within a molecule atoms occur in fixed proportions.

Why is it a molecule?

Whether something is a molecule or not depends on the type of bond that is formed when its atoms join together. In general, electrons can be shared between atoms (a molecular bond) or electrons can be completely removed from one atom and given to another (an ionic bond). Molecules have molecular bonds.

What is the definition of atoms and molecules?

A molecule is a collection of two or more atoms that are securely bound together by attractive forces or by chemical bonds. The term “atom” refers to the tiniest unit of matter that can be separated.

What is a molecule Class 9?

A group of two or more than two atoms of the same or different elements that are chemically bonded together is called a molecule. For example, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen react with each other and form one molecule of water.

What is the definition of molecules of elements Class 9?

Molecule of element: Group of atoms of the same element is known as a molecule of that element. It is formed when an atom of an element joins with another atom of the same element.

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What is difference between molecule and compound?

A molecule is a group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. A compound is a substance which is formed by two or more different types of elements which are united chemically in a fixed proportion. All molecules are not compounds. All compounds are molecules.

What is a molecule introduction?

Atoms combine to form a larger and more complex entity called a molecule. Molecules are composed of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. The electrons of an atom contain energy. This energy is stored within the charge and movement of electrons and the bonds that atoms make with one another.

What are the 4 types of molecules?

There are four major classes of biological macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids), and each is an important component of the cell and performs a wide array of functions.

What are the 7 molecules?

(hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, oxygen, iodine, chlorine and bromine). Oxygen is one of the seven diatomic molecular elements.

What is a molecule 5th grade definition?

Molecule: A particle made up of a group of atoms that are chemically bonded. A molecule of water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

What is atomicity class 9?

The number of atoms present in a molecule of an element is called its atomicity.

What is atom class 8?

An atom is defined as the structural and functional unit of a matter. The term atom comes from the Greek word which means indivisible, because atoms are the smallest things in the universe and could not be divided. atoms are made up of three subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons.

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What is ion class 9?

Ion :- It is an electrically charged atom or molecule formed by loss or gain of electrons. Ion formed by loss of electron is called cation. Example:- Magnesium ion ⟶Mg2+ Ion formed by gain of electron is called anion.