What Is The Synonym Of Mixture

What is the synonym of mixture?

Other words for mixture 1. blend, combination; compound. 2. conglomeration, miscellany, jumble; medley; mélange, potpourri, hodgepodge. See synonyms for mixture on Thesaurus.com.

What is a synonym for molecular?

Synonyms of molecular (adj. atomic. infinitesimal. little. minute. subatomic.

What is another word for molecules?

On this page you’ll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to molecule, such as: fragment, particle, bit, iota, jot, and minim.

What is the full meaning of mixture?

: two or more substances that are mixed together but not chemically combined and that may vary in proportion.

What are the 4 types of mixtures?

  • Homogeneous Mixture.
  • Heterogeneous Mixture. Solutions. Colloids. Suspensions.

What is the vocabulary of mixture?

A mixture is a concoction of several parts combined. In chemistry, it describes a composition made up of two or more substances that can be separated. When it comes to textiles, mixture describes fabric that consists of various yarn or materials.

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What is the antonym of molecular?

adjective. relating to simple or elementary organization. “proceed by more and more detailed analysis to the molecular facts of perception–G.A. Miller” antonyms: molar.

What is another name for molecular mass?

Molecular mass is also called molecular weight. Because the mass is relative to carbon-12, it’s more correct to call the value relative molecular mass. A related term is molar mass, which is the mass of 1 mol of a sample.

What is molecular examples?

Molecular compounds are chemical compounds that take the form of discrete molecules. Examples include such familiar substances as water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) (Figure 3.1. 1). These compounds are very different from ionic compounds like sodium chloride (NaCl).

Are atoms also called molecules?

An atom is the smallest unit of matter that still has all of the properties of its element, whereas a molecule is a structure that contains multiple atoms bonded together. The word atom comes from the Greek, atomos, which means indivisible. Thus, atoms cannot be broken down further, whereas molecules can.

What is the scientific name of molecules?

Molecule (noun, “MOLL-eh-kewl”) That means they contain atoms of only one element. The oxygen we breathe, for example, is a molecule of two oxygen atoms — O2. Other molecules are heteronuclear — made of more than one element. A molecule of water — H2O — is made of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom.

Is molecules another word for particle?

On this page you’ll find 74 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to particle, such as: fleck, fragment, grain, mite, molecule, and ray.

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What is mixture in chemistry?

What Is a Mixture? A mixture is a combination of two or more substances in any proportion. This is different from a compound, which consists of substances in fixed proportions. The substances in a mixture also do not combine chemically to form a new substance, as they do in a compound.

What are 2 types of mixtures?

A mixture is composed of one or more pure substances in varying composition. There are two types of mixtures: heterogeneous and homogeneous. Heterogeneous mixtures have visually distinguishable components, while homogeneous mixtures appear uniform throughout.

What is a mixture in biology?

Mixtures are composed of variable proportions of molecules and atoms. The composition of a mixture is variable with each components retaining its characteristic properties. Its components are easily separated. Examples of Mixtures: soil, ocean water and other solutions, air, the cytosol of a cell.

What is a mixture class 9th?

If two or more substances (elements or compounds) are mixed together in any proportion, and they do not undergo any chemical change but retain their properties, the resulting substance is called mixture.

What is another example of a mixture?

Examples of Mixtures Seawater: A mixture of various salt and water. Air: a mixture of various gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, neon, etc. Ink: A mixture of coloured dyes.

What is the antonym of mixture?

uniformity consistency
equability oneness
unity consonance
harmoniousness monotony
lack of variation lack of variety

What is a synonym for the word mixture of cultures?

Synonyms of multiculturalism (noun doctrine acknowledging contributions and interests of many cultures) pluralism. diversity. cross-culturalism. cultural diversity.